Short Story Wednesday part 8

William, Chris, and Jack were all together in William’s apartment. They were working on their plan to free Dan. Chris had recognized the warehouse from the video, so he knew exactly where Dan was. The Warehouse was 10 miles away, it was three stories tall, it had a huge loading zone which is where Dan was being held, The problem with the loading dock was that it was wide open, there was no place to hide. They were trying to find a way into the loading zone, there are two big pull up doors, but trying to pull it open would be a suicide mission. They were running out of time and options.

Stanley was looking down at his watch, twelve hours left until he put a bullet in Dan’s head to really speed up his capture of Jack. He was thinking that Jack was going to try and rescue Dan. He had laid out a couple of traps; one was a little explosive hidden under a pile of clothes that was about ten feet away from where Dan was bound. The other was located right at the base of one of the big pull-up doors; it was a motion sensor bomb that would blow away anyone who tried to open the door.

William had arrived outside of the warehouse. Chris and Jack were on the other side of the warehouse looking for an entrance into the third story, so that they could create a distraction to draw whoever was watching Dan as William would try and open one of the bay doors. Chris found the door to the third floor; tried to open it, it was firmly locked. Jack fired his pistol at the door, knowing that the sound of a bullet would awaken whoever was watching Dan to the noise and they would move automatically toward it. The lock fell off. Stanley stirred, and raced up the steps, his hands on his gun. A moment later a huge explosion came from the loading dock…

Music Mondays

Hey Everyone, I am adding a new feature to my blog and drumroll please……. Music Mondays! I love music, it speaks to me, challenges me, encourages and inspires me. So for every Monday from now on I am going to post a song that I love. It might be a throwback to the 80’s and you can expect some 80’s music to show up on Music Mondays. It could be a worship song that really speaks to my soul and encourages my faith. It maybe will be a indie song that I really enjoy. One more option, it could be a song that you suggest to me! It could be a song that you love, it could be a song that you or your band have written. I love finding new music and listening to new and different artists.

Today I am choosing a song that is a couple of years old from a band that I really enjoy called Active Child. The name of the song is “Hanging on” It’s a catchy pop-electronic song. Recently Ellie Goulding, covered it for the movie Divergent.

If you have a song you would like featured on Music Monday, leave a comment 🙂


Friendships, I am so glad that God has placed so many fantastic people in my life. I love that I have friends who are awesome and are always a text or a phone call away when I need them. I also love being able to be there for my friends to pray for them. When I think about friendship, I think about being able to just be real with them, telling lame jokes that they laugh at. Talking about our favorite TV shows or sports teams, or bands. I love it when I have talked to a friend for a while, and we just pickup right where we left off. Friends are a gift from God and I always feel recharged after I have spent time with them.

Being married now, I have realized that seeing my friends will be harder and I won’t get to see them as often as I used too, but that is one benefit of texting, social media. I can still connect with them through that, plus I do get to hang out with them on occasion.  I honestly did not plan on writing on this today; I came to my blog a pretty clean slate. I guess this is what rose to top as to what to write on.

I am grateful for all of my friends and they have helped me through so much and they have been my biggest supporters.

Here’s to friends!

Short Story Wednesday part 7

The phone beeped. Jack saw that he had received a text message from Dan. It’s about time Jack thought, he had been trying to get a hold of him ever since Him and Victoria took off for Milwaukee to stay in his grandparents cabin. He figured they were secluded enough from those low-life drug dealers Dino and Shades (who’s really name was Joaquin). They were in New York, plenty of distance and no chance of running into any of their paid goons.

Jack opened the phone, clicked on the video and time stood still. He couldn’t believe that they had kidnapped his roommate Dan. He thought by running away to Milwaukee and trying to start a new life with Victoria that the drug dealers would forget about him. He felt stupid now, knowing that was not the case. Dread started to fall over him, he went into the bedroom, where Victoria was sleeping, he gently shook her, “wake up, honey.” He said. Victoria responded with a small grunt and then turned to her other side. “Honey I am serious, you have to wake up now.” He said with more force than before. She started to stir and wiping the sleep from her eyes, said in a small voice “what’s up?” “Dan has been kidnapped, now I have to return to New York to save him. It’s all my fault he got kidnapped in the first place.” Jack sighed, his heart heavy with emotion. “No, you can’t they will kill you” she pleaded. “I have to save him, honey there is no other choice.” Jack said.  “But, I don’t want to lose you,” she said with great desperation in her voice. “You can’t call the cops in New York and tell them what’s going on? She inquired. “Listen, Dino and Shades are nasty drug dealers, who have probably bought off a few cops too. I don’t know if I can trust the police.” Jack replied. “You know you can’t save him by yourself!” Victoria Exclaimed. “I want you to call my brothers, you know they are both trained in Marshall arts, and are quite good in a tight spot.” “I don’t want to get your brothers involved, you said you were worried about losing me, what about your brothers?” Jack asked. “I would feel like this wasn’t such a suicide mission if you had them helping, they are good with guns as well.” Victoria said.

“Fine,” said Jack, with a sound of resignation in his voice. “What are their numbers?” Jack asked. William Orb’s phone rang. He had just finished teaching his taekwondo class. “Hello” He answered. “Hey Will, this is Jack. Um… this is going to sound strange,” and he proceeded to tell William the whole story. “Well, are you and Chris willing to go on a rescue mission?” Jack asked hopefully. “Yes sir,” said William. “I just got some new guns and ammo I have been dying to try out.” Finished William. “Okay, we will meet at your place tomorrow at 7, time is of the essence.” Jack said


While I was in the shower today, I had a thought about what to blog about today. The shower is really good for my creativity. One word kept coming to my mind and that word was obstacles. So today I have been thinking about obstacles that I have faced, obstacles that I am facing, obstacles that I could face someday hypothetically. As I have been thinking about that word today I realize that I have faced more obstacles than I had thought I had. I want to rewind and share some obstacles that I have faced and overcame to be where I am today as a married man and youth pastor and a Christ-follower. We all face obstacles, those things that try and stop us from getting where we want to, from growing as a person. We face new obstacles every week.

  • Well for starters I was born out of wedlock, in Guadalajara Mexico, and adopted by my amazing family! (Told you I was gonna rewind!)
  • When I was younger I had a speech impediment that I had to go to speech therapy for, I can speak fine now, thanks to speech therapy and God!
  • I was very shy growing up almost painfully shy.
  • My mom passed away suddenly during my senior year of high school, which has been the hardest obstacle that I have faced to this day.
  • When I received the call of God on my life to become a Pastor, the last thing that I wanted to do was speak in public, I would have much rather had a tooth pulled without a numbing agent, that is how much I feared public speaking.

Those are the some of the biggest obstacles that I have faced and with the grace of God have been able to overcome. Looking at that list makes me realize that I can overcome more obstacles than I realize. Every week comes a new obstacle or two to be faced and conquered, some of them are small, for me every week it’s preparing a good message to deliver to the students I teach, or learning a new song on guitar or the bass for worship. Overcoming obstacles is how I have had my biggest growth as person, learned the most important lessons. There is no way I would able to overcome my obstacles without God and my loving wife by my side. I am so thankful for God and what He has helped me to accomplish and what He has helped me to overcome. My wife is my biggest supporter, she is awesome and loving and kind.

What obstacles have you faced and/or face weekly and how do you overcome them?


Well, it’s the day after Easter and I feel like I have been run over by a semi. It was an incredibly busy week, especially being a pastor. I loved every minute of it. There is something about feeling exhausted because I worked hard that makes me feel good and tired. Sorry I have been kind of MIA the last couple of weeks, life got in the way. Now I am going to be pushing myself to blog 5 times a week. I know I can do it. I am now planning on it, no matter how busy my week is. Writing is one of my favorite creative outlets. Music is my other. One of my favorite parts about Easter was the chance to play guitar in my church’s Good Friday Service and then play the Bass on Easter. Music is such a fun way for me to use the gifts that God has given me to praise His Holy name.

So there you have it, I am excited to write on a daily basis, with my usual mixture of blogs, church, life, short stories.

See you tomorrow!

The Libester Award

It’s always nice to get some encouragement in your writing. Today I have received that from Thanks Caroline! She has nominated me for the Libester Award which helps people discover new blogs. There are some rules. One once nominated you must in turn answer 11 questions that the nominator selects and then nominate 11 other blogs and let them know. Here we go!

1 – what encouraged you to start blogging, and what is the message you are trying to send?

I love writing, what encouraged me was just to be able to have another creative outlet. When I write I think my best thoughts and get my best ideas. The message I am trying to send is that people will read if you are authentic, have good content and have a decent handle on grammar. In addition, the message I want to send is that I love God.

2 – Most influential book?

The Most influential book I have read is the Bible, it is the guide by which I live my life.

3 – What is your go to activity on a rainy day?

Grab a blanket and read in my favorite hoodie.

4 – How has your career/school interest helped you with your blog?

School, gave me the tools I need to write well. It was a challenge having to think outside the box for certain topics I was assigned. My career as a Pastor has led to having many different interactions with people, and seeing people in every emotional state possible, which makes for great writing subjects and topics.

5 – What character do you think represents you the best?

Sam-Wise would represent me best, because he is a loyal friend and will do anything for those he loves and I relate well to that.

6 – Book or e-reader?

I love technology, but there is nothing like the feeling of holding a book in your hand and turning the pages.

7 – How have your travels helped you with your writing?

My travels have allowed me to experience different cultures, and try things I never would have tried and gave me a broader perspective, which is great for writing.

8 – What’s the one piece of advise you’d give your younger self (you can tell I’m reaching here)?

Don’t get any credit cards!

9 – How do you feel about your career, is your blog a way for you to escape that and do something that truly interests you?

I love my job, I love being a pastor, it is what I have wanted to do since High School. Writing is a great release and really gets my mind working faster and better.

10 – Where do you go to blog/write?

I like to blog at boutique coffee shops, my office during my lunch break, at home.

11 – What is the most beneficial thing you think will come from this award?

Getting to know other bloggers and getting to know more about them, and maybe getting a couple new followers.

My 11 Nominees.

1.  She is my wife and a great writer.











11 Questions

1. When did you start writing?

2. If you could go anywhere in the world for free, where would you go and why?

3. What’s your favorite book series?

4. Has anything you’ve written been published?

5. What’s your favorite character in a fiction series?

6. What time of the day or night do you do your best writing?

7. What’s the hardest thing about blogging for you?

8. Fiction or Non-Fiction?

9. What’s your favorite mythical creature and why?

10. What are you currently reading?

11. Who are some of your favorite authors?