Short Story Wednesday Part 6

Stanley had no problem picking the lock of Jack’s house. It was 4 Am. Pitch black, it was a small two-bedroom apartment, your typical bachelor pad. Stanley was here to kidnap, Jack’s roommate Dan Beltran. Dan, spent most of him time at the apartment playing video games, and doing web design. He is 23, a little doughy, the results of many nights playing video games eating pizza and drinking soda. He was about 6’1. Stanley had the chloroform ready; he could tell that Dan was a heavy sleeper as he was snoring when he entered the room. Stanley took five soundless steps over to Dan’s bed; avoiding a stack of video games and box of pizza that had clearly been there for awhile. He easily got Dan up from his bed, knocked out cold. He placed him in the van he was driving, placed some handcuffs on Dan; on the off chance he might he wake up before they reached the warehouse where he would be held at. Stanley made sure that he grabbed Dan’s phone because the plan was to film Dan and then send the video to Jack’s phone.

Dan woke up cold, and with only his underwear on; he was seated in a cold metal chair. He opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out as he was gagged. Stanley smiled; this was almost too easy he thought. Stanley got up removed the gag from Dan’s mouth. He grabbed Dan’s Phone, and held up a knife to his throat, made a small cut. Blood slowly started trickling down Dan’s neck. Stanley turned the video on, pointed it at himself and said, “Jack, you have three days to come back to the coffee shop or it’s your roommates life.” He panned the phone over to Dan’s slumped over figure on the chair; he rested the video on him for a few seconds clicked the video off. He then proceeded to find Jack’s number on Dan’s phone and clicked send.

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