Short Story Wednesday part 8

William, Chris, and Jack were all together in William’s apartment. They were working on their plan to free Dan. Chris had recognized the warehouse from the video, so he knew exactly where Dan was. The Warehouse was 10 miles away, it was three stories tall, it had a huge loading zone which is where Dan was being held, The problem with the loading dock was that it was wide open, there was no place to hide. They were trying to find a way into the loading zone, there are two big pull up doors, but trying to pull it open would be a suicide mission. They were running out of time and options.

Stanley was looking down at his watch, twelve hours left until he put a bullet in Dan’s head to really speed up his capture of Jack. He was thinking that Jack was going to try and rescue Dan. He had laid out a couple of traps; one was a little explosive hidden under a pile of clothes that was about ten feet away from where Dan was bound. The other was located right at the base of one of the big pull-up doors; it was a motion sensor bomb that would blow away anyone who tried to open the door.

William had arrived outside of the warehouse. Chris and Jack were on the other side of the warehouse looking for an entrance into the third story, so that they could create a distraction to draw whoever was watching Dan as William would try and open one of the bay doors. Chris found the door to the third floor; tried to open it, it was firmly locked. Jack fired his pistol at the door, knowing that the sound of a bullet would awaken whoever was watching Dan to the noise and they would move automatically toward it. The lock fell off. Stanley stirred, and raced up the steps, his hands on his gun. A moment later a huge explosion came from the loading dock…

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