While I was in the shower today, I had a thought about what to blog about today. The shower is really good for my creativity. One word kept coming to my mind and that word was obstacles. So today I have been thinking about obstacles that I have faced, obstacles that I am facing, obstacles that I could face someday hypothetically. As I have been thinking about that word today I realize that I have faced more obstacles than I had thought I had. I want to rewind and share some obstacles that I have faced and overcame to be where I am today as a married man and youth pastor and a Christ-follower. We all face obstacles, those things that try and stop us from getting where we want to, from growing as a person. We face new obstacles every week.

  • Well for starters I was born out of wedlock, in Guadalajara Mexico, and adopted by my amazing family! (Told you I was gonna rewind!)
  • When I was younger I had a speech impediment that I had to go to speech therapy for, I can speak fine now, thanks to speech therapy and God!
  • I was very shy growing up almost painfully shy.
  • My mom passed away suddenly during my senior year of high school, which has been the hardest obstacle that I have faced to this day.
  • When I received the call of God on my life to become a Pastor, the last thing that I wanted to do was speak in public, I would have much rather had a tooth pulled without a numbing agent, that is how much I feared public speaking.

Those are the some of the biggest obstacles that I have faced and with the grace of God have been able to overcome. Looking at that list makes me realize that I can overcome more obstacles than I realize. Every week comes a new obstacle or two to be faced and conquered, some of them are small, for me every week it’s preparing a good message to deliver to the students I teach, or learning a new song on guitar or the bass for worship. Overcoming obstacles is how I have had my biggest growth as person, learned the most important lessons. There is no way I would able to overcome my obstacles without God and my loving wife by my side. I am so thankful for God and what He has helped me to accomplish and what He has helped me to overcome. My wife is my biggest supporter, she is awesome and loving and kind.

What obstacles have you faced and/or face weekly and how do you overcome them?

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