Short Story pt 10

The bullet flew right past Jack’s ear; he shouted, “Watch out.” Jack turned around gun drawn. He surveyed the scene, it was his worst nightmare imagined, coming to a horrible reality. He saw his former bosses Shades and Dino were fast approaching, their guns out. Dino shouted “It’s over now Jack, hope you have enjoyed your life for today it ends.” He pointed his gun right at Jack, who was standing about 25 feet away. Jack did not stand down; he drew his gun and pointed it at Dino. William pointed his gun at Shades, who returned the favor. In the corner of the warehouse room Chris was with Dan, who was starting to come to, he could not access his gun because he was still holding Dan.

Dino made a motion with his head towards William. William was taken off guard, as he did not see the motion. Shades fired the gun directly at William’s chest. Chris shouted “Move William,” watching everything unfold like slow motion in front of his eyes. William did not move fast enough as the bullet caught his right rib cage, he dropped his gun, which discharged and fired a stray bullet; he fell down screaming in pain. Chris had set Dan down on his back, grabbed his gun and fired it right at Shades, Shades fell over as the bullet hit him in the stomach, Chris was mad and fired off a couple of more shots and they found their target. Shades jerked a couple of times, his body outstretched his end had come. Dino seeing that he was now outnumbered ran for it, shouting while running “More men are on their way, you will outnumbered soon enough and all of you will die.”….

Back to Business

Hey everyone sorry for the silence this last week and a half. Life and work has required a lot of time so I have not had enough time to write. Now that the craziness has calmed down it’s time to get back to business so tomorrow be on the look out for the next segment in my short story, only a few weeks left of that particular story. Excited to continue this adventure with you.

Short Story Wednesday part 9

Hey everyone, sorry I am day behind on the story, life got in the way. Here we go Short Story Wednesday on a Thursday! Thanks for reading.

William was blown back by the blast. He had thought that the doors might be armed with an explosive; so he had found a rock and threw it standing, about twenty feet away from the door. He felt his feet lift him off the ground as the power of the blast uprooted him and flung him a good ten feet. He groaned in pain, trying to see through the debris. He could make out a figure, tied in a chair towards the middle of the room and knew that it was Dan, Jack’s roommate. Dan, did not look well, he was bleeding from the shrapnel of the explosion. William felt stupid for not thinking through Dan being inside the room. He was trying his best to hurry over to Dan. He was limping as his leg was writhing in pain. He prayed to God that Dan was still alive.

Stanley’s heart was pounding when he heard the explosion, how many people were here he wondered? He looked back towards where the explosion came from, he heard a sound come from behind him, he knew what that sound was. A second later, he hit the floor as the bullet flew through his back, he felt another one strike him in the back of the head. Blood freely poured out of him. His world became black.

Jack’s hand was shaking; he could not believe that he had killed a man. Chris ran passed him shouting, “William are you ok?” Jack tried to regain his composure, but he found himself weeping silently. If only he had not been in the wrong place at the wrong time, if only he had not given away that he was in the room when the drug dealers were, then none of this would have happened, his life would be normal. He would be working at the coffee shop, going on dates with Victoria. Instead he was now stepping over a dead body of someone he had killed. His thoughts now turned to Dan and William. He ran down the stairs and found William untying the ropes that had bound Dan. Chris was helping hold Dan up. Jack ran towards them. A gunshot rang out…

What I am Learning

As I have been writing more, I have found that ideas to write on have been harder to think of. I have humbled myself and started writing some prompts; and take on other writing challenges I have ran across on the World Wide Web. That had led me to challenge myself and grow in my writing. This is something that i would not have done in the past, as I was full of pride, thinking that I would not write on something that I had not thought of. As I look back, I see the foolishness in that line of thinking. I can’t believe this is my 40th post already. I have been enjoying the experience of writing and sharing my thoughts. This blog has rekindled my desire for writing stories, I used to do it a lot when I was younger. Writing is a powerful medium, and choosing to embrace the writer inside me is one of the best choices I have made. I am looking forward to how much more I will learn about writing as I continue this blog.

Music Monday

Hey Everyone, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am excited to share with you my pick for this week’s music Monday.

I am sharing the song Diamonds from a band named JohnnySwim, they are an incredible band, and their voices blend together so well and are very talented musicians. I heard them live two years ago at a conference called Catalyst, I was hooked the moment I heard them. They just released their second album called Diamonds. Without further adieu…

If you have a song you would like featured on Music Mondays let me know!

The Magic Kingdom

Disneyland bound with my love today. I wanted to share a few of my favorite experiences at Disneyland.

1)Blue Bayou- That is my favorite place to eat in Disneyland. It has sentimental value for us as it’s the place I proposed to my wife. I love the ambiance.
2)Space Mountain is one of my favorite rides. I love the design of it and it’s speed. I find it to be a peaceful ride.
3)Dole Whip, that delicious treat that brings refreshing to my soul! It is so good and great to buy on a hot day.
4)Celebrity Stalking, my wife and I are always on the lookout for celebs when we are at Disneyland. We have seen Christian Bale, I practically ran into Adam Sandler one day. Trace Adkins, Jack Nicholson, Jude Law.

Those are some of my favorite things about Disneyland, what are some of yours?

Bible Time

One of the most enjoyable parts of reading the bible recently for me has been taking time to stop and digest what I am reading. I have been taking notes on what God has been showing me through the Scripture and it has been very good to look back at my notes and see areas of my life that God is working on. Today I am going to share a note I wrote on 1 Thess 3. Here is the chapter if you want to read it.

My Notes: We as Christians need people to help exhort and establish us in our faith. Satan will come at us with everything that he has and try to distract and disrupt our relationship with God. As a believer we should be investing in the life of others. My prayer is that I allow God to direct my way, the way that Paul let Him direct his life. May God help me to increase and abound in my love of others. I am thankful that God establishes my heart as blameless before God, because of my relationship with Jesus.