One of my favorite things to do is write song lyrics. I have done this for years. I have least five or six notebooks full of lyrics. I have put music to a few of them, but I mostly write lyrics, because I have fun writing them. The newest lyrics that I have written, I am going to share. It’s about how I sometimes feel trapped underneath the weight of my sin, yet God always rescues me from that feeling. He is mighty to save and His grace is wonderful. I will at a later time write music for these lyrics. Hope you enjoy them.

A trap has been set, the trigger hidden underneath the dirt, mounds of earth hide the evidence.

I fall broken, once a proud man humbled by my sin being exposed.

My frail humanity, calls out to God.
Save me from this den of sin I fell in.
Cleanse my darkened soul onto you Jesus I hold.

Grace reaches out a hand, bringing me up from the earth, the dirt falls off. Washed clean, letting the water of grace envelope me.

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