Short-Story Wednesday part 5

Kevin Fielder was in his house, awaiting the report of his hired thug Stanley Orson. Kevin asked, “Is it done?” Stanley, looking nervous and avoiding eye contact with Kevin said. “There has been a complication,” “What might that complication be?” Asked Kevin, his voice raised. “We can’t find Jack, he has gone into hiding.” “Do I need to spell it out for you, how bad things will get for you if you don’t find him.” said Kevin.

“I am fully aware sir,” Stanley spoke as if he was a child who had got caught doing something wrong. “I can’t believe how incompetent you are, I thought you had people helping you, are you all worthless?” Kevin shouted. “We did find out he has a girlfriend, whose house we checked and you can tell they had been there. They left the place in disarray, so he must have made it to her house and gone away.” Stanley was sweating profusely now, thinking his own life was in danger. “I have found out he has a roommate as well,” Stanley said that hoping it would be his lifeline. “Well get the roommate and we will hold him as ransom, I want Jack to disappear, like all I make all my problems disappear.” Kevin roared. “Right,” said Stanley. “I am on it,” He made his way to the door knowing that if he failed this time he would surely die.

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