Life is a tricky little devil sometimes. I feel that the ebbs and flows of it can be quite exhausting. This has been a long week for me full of working my two jobs. It has also had some great moments, like this morning before going to work having breakfast with my wife at one of our favorite spots. That is what keeps me sane in a season of uncertainty, those precious moments, I am soaking up, patiently waiting for a better chapter and season to come along. Until then, I will look to God for my strength and my wife and I will continue to support and encourage one another to follow our dreams.

Year of the Book

So far 2015 has been the year of the book for me. I have already read 8 different books, with many more on the horizon. One, of the things that I have been enjoying about what I have been reading this year, is the fact that I been reading different style of books, that I usually overlooked. This has been the first year that I’ve read an autobiography out of my own volition. It has been quite the experience, so far I have read two comedians autobiographies. Amy Pohler’s Yes Please and her co-star on Parks and Rec Nick Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe. Both of them I’ve really enjoyed, I think next on my list of autobiographies will be a presidential one, don’t know which president yet. It should be fun.

This year I am also trying to branch out and read different authors, I have heard a lot about but never had taken the time to read one of their books. This year might be the year that I read every book T.C. Boyle has ever written. I have devoured the first book of his that I read called When the Killing’s Done. I highly recommend it. T.C. Boyle is a very smart writer, very descriptive. He does his research and it shows. I also started reading through one of his older books Talk Talk. It has a very interesting storyline, which I won’t give away here. So far trying out different authors and reading different styles of books then I am used to has been fantastic. I can’t wait to see who else I discover this year.

A Rare Gem Part 6

Jed’s office was nothing short of spectacular, A grey leather couch on the right, many photos of Jed with celebrities, famous athletes and politicians, covered the vast walls of a room that could probably hold seventy people comfortably. Jed’s desk was black and shiny, He was seated in a blue leather office chair. Jed obviously likes leather Tony takes note off. Jed was dressed to impress. He was wearing a Armani three-piece suit, charcoal in color and his hair was slicked back. “Hello my friend,” Jed said in a honeyed voice. “Hello,” said Tony trying desperately to have his voice portray a friendly nature that he did not feel towards this man. “I’ve heard that you’re interested in acquiring my precious diamond. I gotta warn you that you must be willing to part with a majority of your resources if you want it. “I would expect nothing less.” Tony said willing to play the game. “Good, I trust that you brought your portfolio, so I can assess whether you possess the resources necessary to acquire the diamond.” Jed had a serious tone to his voice. “Here it is” Tony said. Bandi who himself was in the diamond game had transferred most of his money into Tony’s account which gave him upward around four hundred and fifty million in his possession. “I must say that is quite an impressive portfolio Mr Ross, It is the highest amount I have seen so far. Right now you’re looking good, but I do have a question for you. What draws you to this diamond?” Tony stammered for a second, then gained his composure. “Well sir, there have been rumors about the diamond possessing some supernatural gifts, that is what intrigues me sir. It is not for the money that I can gain by buying the diamond from you and selling it at an even higher price. I lost my wife and I heard it might be able to bring her back to life. I am willing to give you all my money just to try it and if it doesn’t work, I won’t care that I gave you all my money. Jed, shook his head in approval. “This story I like, you want the diamond for a pure purpose, I admire that. I cannot guarantee that I will give it to you, but you are in the running for it. I still have many more prospects to meet with, I will let you know my decision in two weeks, does my receptionist have your email address?” “Yes she does.” Tony said holding back the anger that he felt brewing inside of him. “Good, you will be hearing from me soon, it’s been a pleasure meeting you Mr Ross.” “Likewise,” Tony responded.

The two weeks have passed mind numbingly slow for Tony. He has poured himself into his cases that he has been working on. He tried to pass the time anyway that he could. Taking on extra work, going to the gym. Watching series on Netflix. He couldn’t wait much longer. He was checking his email on his phone every five seconds. Bandi and his men had decided to stick around and wait on the outcome. Just in case, Jed went another direction. Bandi was going to get that diamond for Tony come hell or high-water.

Tony’s phone alerted him that he had received another email. He looked it was from Jed’s office. His heart skipped a beat. He started to read it.

“Dear Mr Ross.

This email is to inform you that Jed has made up his mind and has decided to award the diamond to another client.

He also wishes for you to say hello to Bandi for him.


Kim Tate.”

His heart stopped, he knew this was a stupid idea and there was now no chance of getting that diamond. He read the email out loud to Bandi and his men. “Jed must have traced where you got your money. I am so sorry I did not think that through.” Bandi was heartbroken for Tony. “I do have my resources though I will get in contact with them right now and find out who he has given the diamond to maybe we can intercept the drop off…


Exhilaration. An exciting feeling willing up inside as I have discovered a new treasure to me. As I enjoy and soak up this new treasure. I start to imagine more my creativity is spurred on. This feeling does not come very often but when it does I don’t want to let it go. My imagination comes to life as new pictures develop in my mind and new images I can envision. This is a feeling that I get whenever I read a new book. A new book that I love and cannot put down until I have finished it. This is also the same feeling I get when I have discovered a new author that I love which has just recently occurred to me. His name is TC Boyle. Currently I am reading a book titled when the killings done I am halfway through it but his style is very eloquent and I really like that.

I am excited to review his book and share about it. I am also excited to read many more of his books.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

Baseball Time: Tampa Bay Ray Edition

Baseball is back. The pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training. I have loved baseball for ever since I can remember. I grew up going to Padres games and playing and coaching baseball. It is by far my favorite sport and the sport that I have the most intimate knowledge of. Because of that I am going to take a look at every team before this season starts in April and make predictions based on their projected starting lineups.

Today I am going to start in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays. The Rays had a down year last year going 77-85 and finishing 4th in the AL East. They traded away their best pitcher David Price to Detroit. The rays are not resplendent with talent, they have one superstar in Evan Longoria. Alex Cobb is an up and coming pitcher, who could be a superstar. The rays biggest addition this offseason was Asdrubal Cabrera, who is a good shortstop, he has had a couple of god years recently. Besides Cabrera and Longoria and on his good day James Loney, this lineup won’t strike that much fear into the heart of the opposing pitchers.

If the Rays want to make the playoffs this year they will have to rely heavily on their pitching. The competition is very stiff in the AL East, there is not much room for error.

My prediction is that the Rays struggle to produce that much offense but their pitching will help them out a bit but not enough to do anything spectacular. I predict their record will be 70-92 and they will finish in last.

On Tuesday I will preview the Toronto Blue Jays.

Century Mark

I think if there was one word that could be used to sum up the last three months of my life, that word would be unsteady. It is because of my job loss and job changes and my wife’s job changes. It really had made this last three months quite the unexpected and most of the time unwanted adventure. The two constant things that have been in place through this whole process has been the great loving support of my wife, and God providing in ways that still blow my mind. On the brighter side of things I have found that writing has been a great, therapeutic outlet for myself. It has been a way for me to write down ideas and thoughts that have been whirling around in my mind.

I cannot believe that this is my 100th blog post on this site, I am glad that my writing has been consistent in the midst of the inconsistency that has been my life the last few months. It has been fun writing different styles of blog post that I have never written before. I am very excited for the next 100 posts and the lessons that i will learn as I write them, the conversations they will start, the longing to make each post better than my last post. This is so much fun. It is nice to have a way of escape and healing, through the crazy times that have been the last few months of my life, things will get better and I am excited to see what will happen. It is nice to have some consistency in the midst of the unsteadiness.