Short Story Wednesday part 7

The phone beeped. Jack saw that he had received a text message from Dan. It’s about time Jack thought, he had been trying to get a hold of him ever since Him and Victoria took off for Milwaukee to stay in his grandparents cabin. He figured they were secluded enough from those low-life drug dealers Dino and Shades (who’s really name was Joaquin). They were in New York, plenty of distance and no chance of running into any of their paid goons.

Jack opened the phone, clicked on the video and time stood still. He couldn’t believe that they had kidnapped his roommate Dan. He thought by running away to Milwaukee and trying to start a new life with Victoria that the drug dealers would forget about him. He felt stupid now, knowing that was not the case. Dread started to fall over him, he went into the bedroom, where Victoria was sleeping, he gently shook her, “wake up, honey.” He said. Victoria responded with a small grunt and then turned to her other side. “Honey I am serious, you have to wake up now.” He said with more force than before. She started to stir and wiping the sleep from her eyes, said in a small voice “what’s up?” “Dan has been kidnapped, now I have to return to New York to save him. It’s all my fault he got kidnapped in the first place.” Jack sighed, his heart heavy with emotion. “No, you can’t they will kill you” she pleaded. “I have to save him, honey there is no other choice.” Jack said.  “But, I don’t want to lose you,” she said with great desperation in her voice. “You can’t call the cops in New York and tell them what’s going on? She inquired. “Listen, Dino and Shades are nasty drug dealers, who have probably bought off a few cops too. I don’t know if I can trust the police.” Jack replied. “You know you can’t save him by yourself!” Victoria Exclaimed. “I want you to call my brothers, you know they are both trained in Marshall arts, and are quite good in a tight spot.” “I don’t want to get your brothers involved, you said you were worried about losing me, what about your brothers?” Jack asked. “I would feel like this wasn’t such a suicide mission if you had them helping, they are good with guns as well.” Victoria said.

“Fine,” said Jack, with a sound of resignation in his voice. “What are their numbers?” Jack asked. William Orb’s phone rang. He had just finished teaching his taekwondo class. “Hello” He answered. “Hey Will, this is Jack. Um… this is going to sound strange,” and he proceeded to tell William the whole story. “Well, are you and Chris willing to go on a rescue mission?” Jack asked hopefully. “Yes sir,” said William. “I just got some new guns and ammo I have been dying to try out.” Finished William. “Okay, we will meet at your place tomorrow at 7, time is of the essence.” Jack said

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