Music Mondays

Hey Everyone, I am adding a new feature to my blog and drumroll please……. Music Mondays! I love music, it speaks to me, challenges me, encourages and inspires me. So for every Monday from now on I am going to post a song that I love. It might be a throwback to the 80’s and you can expect some 80’s music to show up on Music Mondays. It could be a worship song that really speaks to my soul and encourages my faith. It maybe will be a indie song that I really enjoy. One more option, it could be a song that you suggest to me! It could be a song that you love, it could be a song that you or your band have written. I love finding new music and listening to new and different artists.

Today I am choosing a song that is a couple of years old from a band that I really enjoy called Active Child. The name of the song is “Hanging on” It’s a catchy pop-electronic song. Recently Ellie Goulding, covered it for the movie Divergent.

If you have a song you would like featured on Music Monday, leave a comment 🙂

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