The Best Of

So far I have made it one month into my goal of 365 days of blogging!! Whew one month down eleven to go. I have decided that at the end of every month I am going to share the three best and most viewed blogs that I wrote. I cannot believe that the first month of the new year is already over. So much has been going on in my life personally. I have always loved stats, so this one way that I get to nerd out a little. God is doing some great things… Here they are.

1.Important Date 2. My Story  3.A Rare Gem Part 1, my newest short story series

I cannot wait to see what next month holds. See you here tomorrow readers!

Influential Books #3

The third most influential book that I have read is a book that has inspired me to follow my dreams of being a church planter/pastor and going for it with all my heart, mind, and soul. This book is a best seller and what is an interesting fact it is not a book about theology, weird right? I have read some great influential Christian leadership books. This book’s cover(random fact time) was designed by a good friend of mine, he did not do the design specifically for the book, the author purchased it through my friend’s Istock website. It is a book about not being a cog in the workforce like so many people are. This book is about making yourself standout, about making yourself indispensable. The book is Linchpin by Seth Godin. Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book.

The job is what you do when you are told what to do. The job is showing up at the factory, following instructions, meeting spec, and being managed.
Someone can always do your job a little better or faster or cheaper than you can.
The job might be difficult, it might require skill, but it’s a job.
Your art is what you do when no one can tell you exactly how to do it. Your art is the act of taking personal responsibility, challenging the status quo, and changing people.
I call the process of doing your art ‘the work.’ It’s possible to have a job and do the work, too. In fact, that’s how you become a linchpin.
The job is not the work.”

“The lizard brain is hungry, scared, angry, and horny.
The lizard brain only wants to eat and be safe.
The lizard brain will fight (to the death) if it has to, but would rather run away. It likes a vendetta and has no trouble getting angry.
The lizard brain cares what everyone else thinks, because status in the tribe is essential to its survival.
A squirrel runs around looking for nuts, hiding from foxes, listening for predators, and watching for other squirrels. The squirrel does this because that’s all it can do. All the squirrel has is a lizard brain.
The only correct answer to ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ is ‘Because it’s lizard brain told it to.’ Wild animals are wild because the only brain they posses is a lizard brain.
The lizard brain is not merely a concept. It’s real, and it’s living on the top of your spine, fighting for your survival. But, of course, survival and success are not the same thing.
The lizard brain is the reason you’re afraid, the reason you don’t do all the art you can, the reason you don’t ship when you can. The lizard brain is the source of the resistance.”

“…treasure what it means to do a day’s work. It’s our one and only chance to do something productive today, and it’s certainly not available to someone merely because he is the high bidder. A day’s work is your chance to do art, to create a gift, to do something that matters. As your work gets better and your art becomes more important, competition for your gifts will increase and you’ll discover that you can be choosier about whom you give them to.”

“The tragedy is that society (your school, your boss, your government, your family) keeps drumming the genius part out. The problem is that our culture has engaged in a Faustian bargain, in which we trade our genius and artistry for apparent stability.”

Such a great book and it has influenced me to not become part of the status quo but to live in who I am meant to be, unique, creative not having to cave in and become part of the American cog. I could go on and on about the book. If you want to buy it you can get it here

Influential Book number 2

This is the second book that has had the most influence on me. This book really sparked a love for writing inside of me. It also made me very interested in a certain extinct animal the Dinosaur.

This book was made into a major film that took off and made tons of money and revived every young boy’s interest in dinosaurs. It also led me to writing my own sequels to it after I have read it. The special treat of those stories that I wrote, was that I did not use any punctuation. The stories were one long run on sentence. The book also led to a great love for the author of it Michael Crichton. I have read almost every book he has written. He is one of my favorite fiction writers by far. Jurassic Park by far is the most influential fictional book on me. I will always thank Crichton for giving me a love for reading and writing.

What is your favorite book from Michael Crichton?

A Rare Gem Part 3

To read part one and two of the story click here and here

Tony awoke from a very happy dream. In the dream, he was at the beach holding hands and kissing his wife Sandra. They were the only two people on the beach and more in love than ever before. He realized quickly that it was just a dream, and the pain of her not being there anymore set in. He started to quietly sob. He missed her so much that his body ached. He really wished that she was still with him. He kept on thinking about the crazy diamond that Bandi had mentioned to him. Could it be true? Could it bring his dead wife back to life? He knew that the lore around the diamond had a snowballs chance of being true, but he was willing to give it a chance finally. He picked up the phone and called Bandi…

Brandi’s phone was ringing as he was running out of the mine. He knew that he was much faster than Jim, who enjoyed the food of the rich a little too much. Bandi was a fitness freak, he was grateful for that now. He had to
get to a safe spot and quickly before Jim gunned him down.

Most Influential Books Part 1

I have decided to do a short series on the books that have had the most influence on me. I am going to start with one of my favorite authors. C.S. Lewis it is hard to pick just one book of his that has had a major impact on me, but I am restricting myself to only pick one from him. I have read many of his books and I have loved everyone that I have read. My choice for his most influential book on my life is The Screwtape Letters.

The book was first published in 1942. The premise is two demons, one older who is mentoring a younger demon on how to influence a man’s life and make him live for himself and not for God. The book touches me because it shows that Christians fight a spiritual fight it is something that is quite easy to overlook as we go through our everyday life. We fight against dark spiritual forces, the Bible states in Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. The Devil is sly and cunning and he deploys his henchmen to try and to get Christians to follow his way instead of Jesus’ way. Screwtape Letters does a great job of describing what that looks like in real life. Even though this book was written over sixty years ago it still resonates with me, because the principles behind the book have not changed.  ““Indeed the safest road to Hell is the gradual one–the gentle slope, soft underfoot, without sudden turnings, without milestones, without signposts,Your affectionate uncle, Screwtape.” This book really gets me to think about my actions and why I am choosing to do what I do. It reminds that I am in a battle everyday, that everyday I have to choose to follow Jesus instead of following what I should not be following. The book really gets into what goes on in a Christian’s head and how Satan is trying to influence him. It’s a great book, I am grateful that C.S. Lewis wrote it.

What are some of the books that have influenced you the most?

Music Monday

One of my favorite genres of music is 80s music, I think it is the fact that I am an eighties baby. My favorite band from the eighties is Tears for Fears. I love the instrumentation and the vocals that Roland and Curt provide, it is fun and brings back great memories for me. My favorite Tears for Fears song is Head Over Heels.

What is your favorite 80s band or favorite 80s song?

Scripture Sunday

As I have been reading through the book of Isaiah, I have realized if you are looking for a light, feel-good scripture than Isaiah is not the book of the Bible you should go through, the first few chapters God is going off on the Israelites for being disobedient and giving in to their lust and worshipping idols. Isaiah steps up to the plate and says that he wants to God’s man to do whatever He wants him to do, and immediately he has to rebuke Israel for their continued sins. Just when you think there is no hope or that God does not have any compassion Isaiah starts to prophecies about Jesus, Isaiah 11 gives a great description of heaven peace will reign. The wolf will lay down with the lamb together, what a great picture of peace that is, peace that Christians will experience in heaven with Christ as our Lord. God does not give up on His people, He always keeps a remnant and he will gather them together and it is very encouraging to read in Isaiah 11 of how God will bring them together from all the places they have been scattered and they will dwell with him in His perfect peace.

11 In that day the Lord will extend his hand yet a second time to recover the remnant that remains of his people, from Assyria, from Egypt, from Pathros, from Cush,[a] from Elam, from Shinar, from Hamath, and from the coastlands of the sea.

12 He will raise a signal for the nations
and will assemble the banished of Israel,
and gather the dispersed of Judah
from the four corners of the earth.
13 The jealousy of Ephraim shall depart,
and those who harass Judah shall be cut off;
Ephraim shall not be jealous of Judah,
and Judah shall not harass Ephraim.
14 But they shall swoop down on the shoulder of the Philistines in the west,
and together they shall plunder the people of the east.
They shall put out their hand against Edom and Moab,
and the Ammonites shall obey them.
15 And the Lord will utterly destroy[b]
the tongue of the Sea of Egypt,
and will wave his hand over the River
with his scorching breath,[c]
and strike it into seven channels,
and he will lead people across in sandals.
16 And there will be a highway from Assyria
for the remnant that remains of his people,
as there was for Israel
when they came up from the land of Egypt.

I am excited to see what else God will show me this week as I continue to read through Isaiah.