Friendships, I am so glad that God has placed so many fantastic people in my life. I love that I have friends who are awesome and are always a text or a phone call away when I need them. I also love being able to be there for my friends to pray for them. When I think about friendship, I think about being able to just be real with them, telling lame jokes that they laugh at. Talking about our favorite TV shows or sports teams, or bands. I love it when I have talked to a friend for a while, and we just pickup right where we left off. Friends are a gift from God and I always feel recharged after I have spent time with them.

Being married now, I have realized that seeing my friends will be harder and I won’t get to see them as often as I used too, but that is one benefit of texting, social media. I can still connect with them through that, plus I do get to hang out with them on occasion.  I honestly did not plan on writing on this today; I came to my blog a pretty clean slate. I guess this is what rose to top as to what to write on.

I am grateful for all of my friends and they have helped me through so much and they have been my biggest supporters.

Here’s to friends!

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