Plugging Away

What a week this has been and will continue to be. It is the first week that I have ever been scheduled to work 7 days in a row, apart from missions trip, which is a lot different from work. So when Monday came, I took a deep breath and said “I’ve got this.” Well at the halfway point I can say that I am a little tired from the last three days, but the next four days are going to be great. Why? because I have been taking time this week to put God first in spite of my busyness and I have seen God bless that decision. I went to a growth group at my church last night and it was a blast! I am really looking forward to doing life with them. Those two spiritual things have given me a physical boost. I know it is only Wednesday and I still have 4 days of work left but I know with God’s help that I will make it through. Plus it will be a nice paycheck!

It is interesting to me that it is the small things, like a word from a friend, a twenty-minute nap, spending a few quality hours with my wife, can provide me both mental and physical energy.

I will report back how the rest of the week pans out for me, probably late Monday afternoon, whilst I sleep the morning away, and put myself in recovery mode.


Life is a tricky little devil sometimes. I feel that the ebbs and flows of it can be quite exhausting. This has been a long week for me full of working my two jobs. It has also had some great moments, like this morning before going to work having breakfast with my wife at one of our favorite spots. That is what keeps me sane in a season of uncertainty, those precious moments, I am soaking up, patiently waiting for a better chapter and season to come along. Until then, I will look to God for my strength and my wife and I will continue to support and encourage one another to follow our dreams.