My Happy Place

Everyone has a place they like to go and forget the worries of this world. There is something special about that place, it brings about happy memories. The very thought of that place can bring a smile to one’s face. It is one of those thoughts, that compels us to get out of our chair, off the couch and into the car to drive to our spot.

For me that spot is the beach, I love the ocean, I love the sound of the waves, it’s like sweet music to my ears and soul. I also love watching all the people and the way they interact with one other or seek solitude. The beach always brings a calm to my soul, no matter what storms I might be fighting. It is a place I go to calm down and collect my thoughts. The beauty of the sand and the palm trees are like a sweet hug between old friends.

I visited the beach today, I am happy. Where is your happy place?