Music Monday

I have been on an 80’s kick lately and I could not let this Monday go by without sharing one of my favorite band from the 80’s and my favorite song of their’s that would be Friday I’m in Love by The Cure. What an incredible band, I love the vocals, the instrumentation, the bass line on this song is one of my favorites for sure!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday and a great week.

Music Monday

One of favorite newer folk artist that I really enjoy is called lone bellow. They recently have released their second album titled Then Came the Morning. I love Zach Williams voice it is captivating. The music that they write is so full of live and emotion, it is incredible. I am so glad they wrote a new album. Here is their new single called Then Came the Morning.

I hope all of my readers have an amazing week!

Music Monday

One of my favorite genres of music is 80s music, I think it is the fact that I am an eighties baby. My favorite band from the eighties is Tears for Fears. I love the instrumentation and the vocals that Roland and Curt provide, it is fun and brings back great memories for me. My favorite Tears for Fears song is Head Over Heels.

What is your favorite 80s band or favorite 80s song?


Today is Music Monday. I want to share the latest worship song that has really captured my heart and my attention. It is called Covered by Planetshakers. This song is very powerful and full of the Holy Spirit. The lyrics are very powerful describing that no matter what we have done as believers in Christ we are covered by the grace of God. It’s a beautiful picture that Jesus has paid for all of our sins and no matter what mistakes we make after becoming followers of Christ that we are covered by His blood, that doesn’t mean we go on sinning on purpose. We must follow God’s word. Here are the lyrics and the video.

Grace, glorious grace, grace, glorious grace
At the cross You called it finished
Grace, wonderful grace, grace, wonderful grace
At the cross all of my sin is

Covered, covered, covered by Your grace, oh
Covered, covered, covered by Your grace

Grace, beautiful grace, grace, beautiful grace
At the cross, love everlasting
Grace, powerful grace, grace, powerful grace
At the cross all of my past is

No matter what I’ve done, no matter where I’ve been
No matter how I fall, You pick me up again
You have removed my shame, You take as I am
You call me justified, now I am covered by Your grace

What are some of your favorite worship songs?