A Tribute

Mother’s Day has been hard for me the past 16 years. My mom died unexpectedly of a brain aneurysm. She was an incredible mother and I very grateful for how much wisdom she imparted to me. I have written a small piece in tribute to her.
Here it is;

It’s been awhile.. Since I’ve seen you. Since I’ve heard your voice. Since I’ve seen your smile. Since I’ve given you a hug. Since I’ve heard your beautiful voice sing. Since you’ve given me sound advice.

I will always remember the love you had for me, how you were always there for me. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again Mom.

Important Date

So today is January 3rd. For most people it is just a normal day. People are back to work from the holidays. There is nothing all together special about the day.

For me there is though, January 3rd was the day that my mom was born. My mom passed away suddenly 14 years ago. She was a remarkable woman. She was loving, kind. She allowed my sister and I to dream. She was one of my best friends and strongest supporter. She taught me how to love other people. She taught me so much about the love of Christ and how to daily live out my faith as a Christian. I was blessed to have a mom who was always there for me and showed me unconditional love. She taught me how to be man. I am so grateful for that.

January 3rd might not be an important day to others, but to me it will always be special. Love you Mom can’t wait to hang out again in heaven.