Leaving the past behind, letting go. When we leave a place that we spent a lot of time in, there will be memories, experiences some good, some might be bad. Some of those experiences might be like a ghost that we can’t get rid of.

Some of those haunting memories are really stubborn and refuse to leave us, even though we wish they would. They leave a bad taste in our mouth, like biting down into a lemon. They could be fears, or words someone spoke to us, something horrible that was done to us. These ghosts can take many different forms.

They can hold us back, speak lies to us. Tell us we will never get rid of them no matter what we do. In my own past, there have been ghosts trying to hold me back, experiences that left scars.  Sometimes I have let the ghosts win and i have believed the lies they told me. It is hard to overcome them at times.

Yet, I realize that the times that I silence them, are the times that I am the most connected with God. The times that I tune out that negative voice in my head. The time I realize that I am loved and that I am comfortable with who I am. That is when my ghosts disappears.