Hello, Hello

Hey my readers. I am sorry for the radio silence. Life got in the way, which is no excuse, it’s just the honest truth. My lovely wife, Sarah, gave me good advice and encouraged me to keep blogging. I love writing, so I am back now.

These last few weeks have been very full but good. I feel like I have turned a corner, I feel more alive then I have felt in awhile. I feel happier. I feel more peace and it has come from God. He has been restoring me and healing wounds. Hope has been blossoming in my heart and it has been lovely. Was there a specific event or moment that caused this change in me? Thinking back on it. It was a decision I made to allow God to carry my burdens, to hand over my worries, to be honest about what I was feeling and the areas in my life that needed healing.

I am glad to be back on here writing again and I am going to stay with it.

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