A Rare Gem Part 7

Jed, was feeling very good about himself. He had landed the world’s most valuable diamond and he was cruising in his new, pristine Lamborghini Huracan. He was going at least one hundred as he was speeding up the 5 freeway to give the diamond to the highest bidder; Trip Mccoy, a wealthy billionaire, who made his money off of those addicted video gamers, he ran his own video game empire for many years. Relishing those adolescents and not so adolescents who made him rich beyond measure. Trip was merely buying this diamond because he could. He loved weird, expensive things. He would buy every new top of the line hasn’t been tried out gadget he could get his hands on. He would also buy rare unique jewelry for his wife Samantha and a diamond with supposed magical properties how could you past that up?

Jed had spent a week making sure the drop-off would go without a hitch, just in case anyone was watching. He had set-up a secret security team that would be there, he made sure they were prepared for anything. They had arrange for the drop-off to take place in a dead industrial section in Los Angeles, in the early morning hours when the world was still asleep or barely stirring.

Bandi, had great resources, his best being a man who was on Jed’s security team that he has paid off. Jed had no knowledge of it. Bandi’s man was big 6’6, he had a face of stone, like he didn’t even know how to smile or even the faintest hint of kindness in his soul. His arms were not naturally huge, he was an avid steroid user, who loved money and would give his services to the highest bidder. Bandi’s man, had been texting him all the details that Jed would reveal daily about the drop-off. Bandi was up to speed. Bandi knew there would be ten men there, he knew they would all be armed with automatic weapons. He also knew that he and his team had to get there first, so he had his team ready to go and in position by 2am. The plan was simply to break into some of those defunct buildings climb up to the roof where they had a good line of sight for and pick of Jed’s men one-by-one, with help of course by the man Bandi had bought off.

Jed pulled into the parking lot, he surveyed the area because he was always paranoid, but his paranoia left his system in just a quick glance, everything was silent as the dead. Just a bum walking across the street, that he wasn’t concerned about. He called his head of security Josh Parter and told them to get out off the vehicles and get into position. They got out and formed a wide-circle, Josh gave him the ok to come out of the car with the diamond. He saw that Trip had just pulled up in Tesla S 60. Trip exits the vehicle, and that is when he remembers everything starting to go haywire. He hears a shot, sees one of his men drop-dead. His other men look around confused as more shots, break the cold silence of the night, more of his men dead. He is on the ground with his diamond. Trip, was on the ground behind his Tesla. Josh pretended to be firing at their shooters, but no one was watching him, so he turned around and gunned down the two guards next to him. What Josh did not notice is that Jed was watching, Jed had a gun of his own, he always brought one everywhere he went it was hard being a billionaire, people wanting your money, he needed protection. Jed from the ground got his Glock out of his coat, fired it three times at Josh and Josh was finished. He was counting in his head, seven guards dead, he had three left, just as that thought ran through his head, another guard went down. Then he saw three men running towards him and he let a curse slip out of his mouth he recognized Bandi. He got up took three angry steps and pointed his gun and fired it right at Bandi…

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