Year of the Book

So far 2015 has been the year of the book for me. I have already read 8 different books, with many more on the horizon. One, of the things that I have been enjoying about what I have been reading this year, is the fact that I been reading different style of books, that I usually overlooked. This has been the first year that I’ve read an autobiography out of my own volition. It has been quite the experience, so far I have read two comedians autobiographies. Amy Pohler’s Yes Please and her co-star on Parks and Rec Nick Offerman’s Paddle Your Own Canoe. Both of them I’ve really enjoyed, I think next on my list of autobiographies will be a presidential one, don’t know which president yet. It should be fun.

This year I am also trying to branch out and read different authors, I have heard a lot about but never had taken the time to read one of their books. This year might be the year that I read every book T.C. Boyle has ever written. I have devoured the first book of his that I read called When the Killing’s Done. I highly recommend it. T.C. Boyle is a very smart writer, very descriptive. He does his research and it shows. I also started reading through one of his older books Talk Talk. It has a very interesting storyline, which I won’t give away here. So far trying out different authors and reading different styles of books then I am used to has been fantastic. I can’t wait to see who else I discover this year.

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