Exhilaration. An exciting feeling willing up inside as I have discovered a new treasure to me. As I enjoy and soak up this new treasure. I start to imagine more my creativity is spurred on. This feeling does not come very often but when it does I don’t want to let it go. My imagination comes to life as new pictures develop in my mind and new images I can envision. This is a feeling that I get whenever I read a new book. A new book that I love and cannot put down until I have finished it. This is also the same feeling I get when I have discovered a new author that I love which has just recently occurred to me. His name is TC Boyle. Currently I am reading a book titled when the killings done I am halfway through it but his style is very eloquent and I really like that.

I am excited to review his book and share about it. I am also excited to read many more of his books.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

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