I am going to share something about me that is personal. I hate conflict. I cannot stand it, it makes me uncomfortable, I start to sweat. My limbs betray me and they shake. One lesson that I have learned though is the only way to get through it is to
face conflict head on instead of avoiding it. There will be times in life when we have to face the conflict that we are going through to grow and to become a better person. To patch up a broken relationship. To help our marriage. When we avoid conflict, we also avoid dealing with whatever the issue is that needs to be dealt with. It leaves us stuck, when we refuse to avoid conflict. It can hold us back from growing as a person. Yes, it is uncomfortable, but once you get through it, you can breathe easy because it is done. It might not go the way that you were hoping but at least you didn’t run from your conflicts. So let’s face our conflicts head on.

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