My TV Shows #3

My favorite tv show of all time is known by the acronym himym. I think it is one of those sitcoms that could be titled an dramady. It deals with some heavy topics for being a sitcom. Cancer, Divorce, being left at the altar. Loss of a loved one and some others. I love the show because of the way that it is written, it is real, has some great
Comedy and the acting is brilliant. The cast is easily one of the greatest ever assembled for a tv show in my opinion. Neil Patrick Harris, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Josh Radnor and Cobie Smulders are amazing. I love the character of Barney, who has a devil may care attitude and is always scheming new ways to pick up woman. He does have his caring moments, like when he gets lily to come back to New York, or when he hires Ted to build Goliath National Bank’s new building. One of my favorite things about the show is that the cast works so well together and you can tell by the chemistry they have on camera.

Ted Mosby is my favorite character on the show as you walk through his life and find out how he met his wife. It is quite the tale with many twists and turns. He overcomes so much to get his wife and to see his dreams of being an architect come to life. His best friend through it all is Marshall Eriksen. A lovable goofball, who works hard to become an environmental lawyer and is head over heels for his wife Lily and they are a great couple. They make you laugh as they try to interfere in Ted’s love life and Barney’s and Robin’s life.

Robin is a career-driven woman, she is Ted’s first real love and breaks Ted’s fragile heart. She is motivated and she does things her own way. She doesn’t need a man to succeed in life. Her and Barney get married and it was a very interesting pairing.

I love everything about the show. I could write a book about the show and how much i enjoyed it. It actually taught me some life lessons. I used a scene from one of the episodes to break it off with the last girl I dated before I met my wife. It will always be my favorite tv show. I can quote almost every episode. Himym will
always have a place in my heart.

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