My TV Shows #2

On Tuesday I shared my third favorite TV show of all time. Today is time to take a look at my second favorite show. It is really funny and like Seinfeld it was created by and shown on NBC. It is currently in the final season. It is one of the few sitcoms released in the last five years that I have actually enjoyed. It is extremely witty and well-written. The show is very creative and really makes me laugh hard. It is a very feel-good happy show. I like to watch this show if I am having a bad day, it lifts up my spirit. This show is Parks and Rec. I am obsessed with this show and Aziz Ansari jokes, the way that Aubrey Plaza hates everyone, besides Chris Pratt and especially her relationship with Rashida Jones. Who couldn’t literally love the performance that Rob Lowe gives as Chris Tregger.

Why I Love Parks and Rec

  • This show is funny, it doesn’t try to hard, the laughs come naturally, which can be attributed to the great writers that Parks and Rec employs.
  • The actors have great chemistry they all do a great job of interacting with one another, and I can imagine them all being best friends off of the set, which i think is cool.
  • i also love how they are always changing Gary’s/Jerry’s/Larry’s name. Jim O Heir, is one of my favorites on the show, because he is clumsy and super nice on it, he does a great job of fulfilling the office klutz stereotype, while still being loveable. I do hope that they show writers, will tell us what lead to Gayle and him getting married.
  • Chris Pratt is just incredibly funny, and down to earth in this show, I love how much goes over his head in this show. He is just such a great actor.
  • I could not do this post with mentioning the star of the show Amy Pohler, she is incredible, so talented as a writer and an actor, side note I am currently reading through her biography and it is great, inspiring and funny. A book review of it will be coming in the near future. Amy is the glue that holds the show together, she does a great job of playing the biggest overachiever that you will ever come across. Leslie Knope, is such an amazing character, she is never afraid to take a stand for something that she believes in, even if it is not the popular opinion.
  • I fully have a man crush on Nick Offerman- his portrayal as a libertarian, who hates government and loves read meat and loves to throw back Lagavulin, is my favorite character on the show. I love that he is just hardcore, makes his own chairs. Has gold bars hidden and an extra package of bacon, in his office. He cracks me up. He loves gun, which I also enjoy. He is all about being a self-made man, yet he still has an occasional soft-spot. I wish he was my boss.

What do you love about Parks and Rec?

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