A Rare Gem Part 5

Downtown Los Angeles gorgeous skyline looked bigger than usual to Tony. Bandi and him had come up with a plan. Tony was going to play the role of a very wealthy oil man. His history as a lawyer and helping clients get money from the oil companies, gave him the knowledge that he needed to play the part. Bandi told
Tony to go the meeting alone because Jed knows Bandi and what his men look like. Bandi had connected a wire to Tony so he could hear everything that was going on, and would be able to step in if anything went south.

The black skyscraper that housed Jed’s office shined like a diamond on the outside. Beautiful, pristine glass work.
It had a clear glass revolving door entrance. As Tony walked inside, he was taken back, by the sheer beauty of the inside of the building marble floors, and a blue leather couch right next to the security’s guard booth. The security guard was no joke 6’4 and had a mean scowl on his face as Tony approached him. “I have a ten o’ clock meeting with Jed.” Tony said with authority not wanting to show his fear of this man before him. “Have a seat on the couch, while I verify.” The security guard said. He took his seat and waited for ten minutes, the security guard turned to him and said “you may go in now.” Tony got up as the security guard led him to the elevator and punched the code to Jed’s office. Tony noticed that the elevator said 21 when the elevator rang and opened up. Tony took a deep breathe, said a small prayer and stepped out of the elevator. He was met by a friendly receptionist who greeted him with warmth, probably because he was an oil tycoon. “Jed is waiting for you in his office.” She said. Tony nodded his head in acknowledgement and the door swung open…

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