My TV Shows

Television can be so much fun to watch, but can be quite the time waster as well. Right now I have very limited cable with access to about 10 channels. I like it that way. I have gone pretty much my last two years of life without it. There are still some shows that I really love past and present. This week I will be doing a series on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of three of my favorite television shows ever. I am going to work backwards like most good countdowns do. My third favorite show of all time, is a show about nothing Seinfeld.

What I love about Seinfeld

  • Kramer, I love his wacky sense of humor, how unique his character is and how he is always working on some crazy idea.
  • George, one of the greatest best friends in tv history in my opinion. He is funny, does stupid things. Makes really intriguing mistakes, goes for women way out of his league and has a great affinity for food.
  • Elaine Benes- one of the greatest female co-stars ever, has such a great sense of humor, her dance skills are amazing, plus David Putty is pretty much the best boyfriend ever and hilarious I love Patrick Warburton, a great actor. Watch Rules of Engagement on Netflix, it is hilarious. I love her passion for stupid things and just going totally crazy in some episodes.
  • Jerry, the ultimate mans man. Hilarious, he is not afraid to go against society and poke fun of it, in many different ways, unless it came to following the soup-nazi’s rules. He was completely aloof and is so irrational.
  • I love the show because there is no theme, no real plot to follow, none of the stars on the show get married, George came the closest. It is a classic, one of the best sitcoms in history. I will always love Seinfeld.

What is your favorite thing about Seinfeld?

2 thoughts on “My TV Shows

  1. suz50 says:

    I’m a die hard Sienfeld fan, I still watch reruns of the reruns of the reruns etc. and laugh every single time at the same reruns even though I know what’s about to happen!

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