Scripture Sunday

Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? Proverbs 8:1

Wisdom is calling out for us to listen to her. To obey her. To heed her warnings. Yet it is so easy to ignore her, it is easy to go about and drown out her voice. We don’t listen because we don’t like what she is saying. She is telling us to change a habit, and we know we should but that habit tries to justify itself to us and it’s reasoning is often very compelling. Making sure that we continue that habit we should break, it grips us and it does not let go without a fight. Wisdom is there, shouting at us to let go of that habit making a compelling case of its own, yet we often lean towards the familiar and comfortable. We find breaking the habit to be hard, trying work that we do not have the energy for. I need to let wisdom win more of the battles that I fight. I need to listen to her because she is there to protect me from doing foolish things. When we act with wisdom our lives find peace. I am thankful that God supplies us with wisdom, I just need to listen to her voice more.

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