Being in the church world is a very interesting and at times funny thing. Lately across my Facebook feed, I have seen many of my friends linking articles that have to do with worship styles. Most of those articles have one agenda that they are pushing, which is a return to traditional hymns and to drop most of modern worship songs that are popular. example Hillsong United and Jesus Culture, here is one such article. The main argument that they use is that worship should not be entertainment, that the lyrics are espousing bad theology. Everyone has a right to their own opinion here is mine.

I go to a church that uses songs that they write along with a mix of Christ Tomlin, Hillsong, Jesus Culture. The music is amazing, the singers and musicians are world-class. They have a heart for worship and it is truly an incredible worship experience. I always connect with the worship and it prepares my heart for the message. This is coming from an Southern-baptist raised, conservative fellow. I love modern worship music, it helps me to draw closer to God. I like the lights and the loudness. I know it is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I believe that many people can have a real worship experience with modern worship music, and even God’s word says to sing to the Lord a new song. Psalms 96:1, is one example. I respect tradition and the hymns, but when the church started singing hymns they themselves were popular bar tunes just with different lyrics. I am not saying that churches shouldn’t sing hymns, but using modern worship in a church service is not a bad thing because one worship style does not fit all. I am so glad that God has gifted worship bands like Hillsong, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Phil Wickham, Jesus Culture and many others, with a heart to write new songs praising God in a way that reaches the younger generation.

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