A Rare Gem Part 4

He found shelter in a little alcove that no one knew about, he has hidden here many times as this is not the first time his life has been in danger. Being involved with diamonds is risky business. He waited until the sun began to rise to venture out. He then turned his attention to his phone. He listened to Tony’s message. Stating that he was willing to see if the domain would truly bring his wife back to life. Bandi started crying he was sad that Jim and Jed had the diamond. He determined in his heart that he would sacrifice his life if it meant getting Tony that diamond. He had some phone called to make.

Jim was ecstatic as he was speaking with Jed. “I have the diamond! It is ours… “You mean mine Jim” Jed reminded. “Yes, yours of course, but you better not cut me out of my shares or I might lose the diamond.”Jim snapped at Jed. “That will be the last thing you do” Jed warned. “Don’t think you’re not replaceable, because you are.” Jed voiced. “Now I have arranged the flight back to my main office in Los Angeles. I am going to be meeting with perspective buyers and want to show them the diamond. You shall accompany me and protect that diamond with your life…

Bandi picked up his phone with a heavy sadness inside of him. He had heard Tony’s message and was heart-broken that Jed had got a hold of the diamond. “Hello Tony, I have some bad news.” He then proceed to tell the story of how Jed’s man had procured the diamond. “I have heard from my sources that they are going to take the diamond to Los Angeles.” “We are going to Los Angeles and are going to take that diamond for ourselves.” Tony said with a force and passion that Bandi had not heard in quite a while. “Of course we are, just know that this is a serious mission and very dangerous we might die.” Bandi just wanted Tony to know what was at stake. “I am sure it is; but I have to do this. If I die I will be in the arms of my love Sandra for eternity. If we get the diamond. I will be able to spend the rest of my time here on earth with the love of my life. I have nothing left to lose.” “It’s settled I will get my best men and meet you in LA in two days…

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