My Hope

My hope is in Jesus. When my finances are low and I don’t know how I am going to make it through the week that is when God steps in and provides through some incredible way, finding money in my jacket, someone blessing us with food, God allowing our food to make it until the next paycheck. It truly is incredible how he provides when the chips are down and there is seemingly nowhere to turn. My hope is in Jesus. He is always there, loving me, encouraging me, especially when I am struggling with sin or my faith. He is my strong tower that i can run to. He lifts me up when I am in the middle of my waves and I feel like I am drowning. He lifts up my head, he provides encouragement in the darkest moments. He comes in when everyone else steps out. He never gives up on me. I am his child, whom He loves immeasurably. Hope in Jesus, it is amazing what He can do in your life and He loves you and wants to carry your burdens. Jesus is my hope in the good times and the bad times. Jesus has my back and that is what I place my hope in. The God of all the heavens and Earth loves me and cares for me and nothing that happens can change that.

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