Super Sunday

So Scripture Sunday is on pause for this week. It will return next week. Today is a big day if you love football, as the NFL’s champion will be crowned. It is a very intriguing matchup. The Seattle Seahawks vs the New England Patriots. Two powerhouse teams; fighting it out for the title. The Seahawks have the toughest defense in the NFL and the Patriots who have a very good offense especially Gronk, who is a beast. They also have one of the smartest head coaches in the history of football in Bill Belichick. Pete Carroll on the Seahawk side is no slouch either, a very heady coach who is an expert at adjustments. This has to potential to be a great game, also there is a chance that the Patriots could blow out the Seahawks, but people said that last year and they were proven wrong as the Seahwaks laid down the beating of a lifetime to the Broncos. The keys to a Seahawks victory are these.

  • Force Turnovers, something that is a great strength of the Seahawks is getting turnovers, they will need to force a couple if they want to repeat as champs.
  • Hold New England to Field Goals instead of touchdowns, The Pats will move the football, the Seahawks just will need their defense to stay strong when the Pats are in the Seahwaks Red Zone.
  • A strong game from Marshawn Lynch, If he can run it well against the Patriots defense, it will open up the door for play action passes and take pressure off of Russell Wilson.

If the Pats want to take the title home here is how they can win.

  • Score Touchdowns, if they are able to punch it in the end zone, instead of settling for field goals they will be in good shape.
  • The Patriots offensive line, must keep Tom Brady upright. They need to slow down Seattle’s powerful pass rush enough to let Brady find his target. If Brady has time he will be able to move the ball quite well.
  • Stop Seattle’s run game. If the Patriots are able to slow down Marshawn Lynch and are able to make the Seahawks a one-dimensional offense, they will have a great chance of winning.

My prediction is that it will come down to the wire, remember I was 2-0 in my AFC and NFC championship picks, if you want to wager on the game. I believe that in the end the legion of boom will prove to be just a little bit too much for the Patriots to overcome. I think the score will be Seattle 34- New England 31.

Who are you rooting for?

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