Influential Book number 2

This is the second book that has had the most influence on me. This book really sparked a love for writing inside of me. It also made me very interested in a certain extinct animal the Dinosaur.

This book was made into a major film that took off and made tons of money and revived every young boy’s interest in dinosaurs. It also led me to writing my own sequels to it after I have read it. The special treat of those stories that I wrote, was that I did not use any punctuation. The stories were one long run on sentence. The book also led to a great love for the author of it Michael Crichton. I have read almost every book he has written. He is one of my favorite fiction writers by far. Jurassic Park by far is the most influential fictional book on me. I will always thank Crichton for giving me a love for reading and writing.

What is your favorite book from Michael Crichton?

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