A Rare Gem Part 3

To read part one and two of the story click here and here

Tony awoke from a very happy dream. In the dream, he was at the beach holding hands and kissing his wife Sandra. They were the only two people on the beach and more in love than ever before. He realized quickly that it was just a dream, and the pain of her not being there anymore set in. He started to quietly sob. He missed her so much that his body ached. He really wished that she was still with him. He kept on thinking about the crazy diamond that Bandi had mentioned to him. Could it be true? Could it bring his dead wife back to life? He knew that the lore around the diamond had a snowballs chance of being true, but he was willing to give it a chance finally. He picked up the phone and called Bandi…

Brandi’s phone was ringing as he was running out of the mine. He knew that he was much faster than Jim, who enjoyed the food of the rich a little too much. Bandi was a fitness freak, he was grateful for that now. He had to
get to a safe spot and quickly before Jim gunned him down.

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