My Favorite Non-Profit

I read this question somewhere: If you could donate to any charity your time and money, which charity would you choose? Here is my answer. If I had to choose only one charity to support and volunteer in I would choose Friends and Family Community Connection. They are a non-profit organization based out of San Diego. They are involved in many projects locally in San Diego and also around the world. My first encounter with this organization came the April after Hurricane Katrina, I was part of the team that my church sent over to Biloxi Mississippi and we worked hand in hand with FFCC. That was first time I got to see all of the good that they do in person. Their leader is Phil Harris, one of the kindest and hardest working man I have ever met. I have been on 4 trips with FFCC and I don’t think that he ever gets tired! Some of my greatest memories have been made when I have volunteered with them. The last time I went to Tanzania, I got to ride a bike around Nkungi, a small village and help install water filters for different families it was such a great experience. The people that you meet and get to work with are amazing.

They hold many food packaging events in San Diego, where they package meals for the homeless in San Diego and they also send food to different countries that are struggling with famine or that have just been in a natural disaster. Tanzania, Japan, Philippines, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya, Afghanistan, India are just a few of the countries that FFCC has helped. My stepsister is in Tanzania with them right now. I can’t wait to go back with my wife. They are majorly invested in Tanzania, they have really helped them as Tanzania has been in drought for many years, they have taught Tanzanians how to farm, they are all about doing things that are sustainable by the locals, so they empower and train the Tanzanians with food and clean water by providing water filters and training the Tanzanians how to clean and use the water filter. I have been able to help provide some of that training as I have been to Tanzania three times with FFCC. I have developed a huge love for that country and its people. They are so friendly and willing to learn how to take care of themselves. That is just the tip of the iceberg, FFCC is also involved in improving Education in Tanzania and it invests in the teachers and a few of the local schools. In Singida they have built a Children’s Center which is ran by a local nun, they run after school programs and also feed many of the children. For most of those kids it is the only meal they will get that day.  FFCC is also doing great work in Haiti and the Philippines, they go in after a natural disaster and after bigger non-profits like the Red Cross have stopped providing food to those countries, there is still serious need there and FFCC is helping to meet those needs.  I could write so much longer about FFCC and how much great work they are doing and how fun they are to work with, but if you want to find out more about FFCC you can click here.

What is your favorite non-profit or charity and why?

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