Deflate Gate

Well normally I leave my sports posts till Saturday, but I could not help wanting to weigh in on what is being called “Deflate Gate.” If you don’t follow sports and still are reading this post I will try to summarize deflate gate. Last Sunday the Indianapolis Colts played the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game and the Patriots have been accused of using deflated footballs, which is against the rules. The NFL investigation found that 2 pounds deflated eleven of the twelve game balls that the Patriots used, which is big deal because it means that you can get a better grip on the football and that you can catch it easier if it is deflated a little. The Colts got pounded 45-7; I really don’t think that had the footballs been properly inflated it would have made much of a difference.

It is the principal of the matter that bugs me. This is not the first time that the Patriots have been accused of cheating. In 2007 there was another scandal involving the Patriots, which is called Spygate, where the Patriots were accused of video taping the New York Jets defensive signals, so they would know how to attack their defense. Under Bill Belichick, some refer to him as “Belicheat” because of all the controversy that he has caused. My question is how long will the NFL let him get away with bending the rules without some serious consequences. They are one of the most popular teams in football, I wonder if the NFL will only give them a small slap on the wrist for this latest offense or if they will try to send a message to the Patriots? Time will tell, though I really don’t expect Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner, to do that much, unless the other owners place a ton of pressure on him. It is how Goodell handles things like deflate gate that will determine his legacy as commissioner, he has already faced plenty of backlash over the way that the NFL handled the whole Ray Rice punching his wife in an elevator incident. I don’t know if I can give credit to all that the Patriots have achieved under Belichick, because of how shady he has been.

Do you think that Deflate Gate will blow over or will there be some serious consequences for Belichick and the Patriots this time around?

2 thoughts on “Deflate Gate

  1. everythingisgenius says:

    Dan Sileo has been saying that it was probably the refs that goofed and that in the end no one is going to end up being penalized.

    1. That would be nice so they will finally stop talking about it nonstop. It is hard to imagine it going away with how hard Espn is pushing it and they have mentioned at all how it could be just the refs. It will be interesting to see how it all pans out! Btw how can you stand Dan Sileo, his voice grates against my soul!

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