Book Goals 2015

Reading is one of my favorite things to do. I really wish I had more time to read. Right now my life is pretty full, so carving out time has not had top priority, but I do plan on changing that this year. I am in a book club, we meet once a month so that means at least I will read twelve new books by the end of the year or eleven if I get to select a book for book club. I am a creature of comfort I read authors that I already know and like. This year though I want to challenge myself to read books from authors that I have never read, on subjects that I have never read. I really have never been too big of a fan of biographies, but this year I am going to challenge myself to read at least 3 different biographies.

This is where you my readers come into play; I want you to suggest to me some biographies I should read and some of the authors that you are reading, so I can read some books written by others than my usual go-to authors. I look forward to reading what you suggest.

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