A Rare Gem part 2

For Part 1 of the story you can click here

The diamond had a secret that no one else knew. This diamond could sense good and evil. This diamond was aware that it was supposed to be found soon. Every time more dirt got piled on top of it, the diamond would roll around to make itself more visible. How the diamond got like this was through a great spell that a deceased white wizard had placed upon it and the wizard himself took the diamond to one of famous diamond mine and buried it deep within the earth, knowing that it would be found at the right time.

Jed was en route to South Africa, Traveling in his company’s G5. Jim was in constant communication with Jed keeping him aware of how the hunt for the diamond was going. “We believe we are getting close. Last week we found a cache of diamonds, everyday we are finding at least 3 diamonds. You’re one extremely lucky man Jed. Your bank account is going to continue to flourish.” Jim was sure that Jed was happy to hear this news. “Yes, I am quite happy, but I want to get my hands on that special diamond because I will be able to make so much profit of it, you could retire your entire family Jim with the 10% you will get. Jim smiled, “how wonderful,” he said, slowing drifting into thoughts of being in a barcalounger and sipping mai tai’s for the rest of his life. “We are quite sure that we will find this diamond soon Jed, rest assured. We don’t believe that anyone is looking for it either. I am sure we are the only people on the earth that know about its magical properties.

Bandi’s men were working hard, he had them working around the clock trying to find the diamond for his buddy Tony. He had a strange feeling that it was in this mine. He had heard that Jed’s men were uncovering diamond after diamond, he was weary that Jed also know about the diamond, because he had never seen Jed’s men work this hard in their lives. Knowing time was of the essence Bandi decided to enter the mine. He was prepared to be there forty-eight hours straight; he had a backpack full of provisions. He wanted to find this diamond soon for his friend. He knew that it would be able to bring Tony’s wife back to life.

Jim was deep in the diamond mine he heard footsteps. Who else could be here he thought? He had sent his men home a few hours ago, as this was one diamond that he wanted to find all by himself. He pulled out his pistol slowly. He wasn’t going to let anyone else get near this diamond.

Bandi heard footsteps rushing towards him, he knew this was not a good sign. He had come prepared. He knew how Jim operated. He figured it was him and knew that his life was in danger. Bandi decided that he would go a little higher up in the mine, so that he had more of a line of sight. He ducked underneath a mountain of shovels. He heard Jim run right past him. He held his breath. That’s when he heard a loud shout. “I found it!” Exclaimed Jim. He was holding in his hand a bright purple diamond…

Part 3 is coming next Wednesday stay tuned!

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