Scripture Sunday

This week I have started reading the book of Isaiah. I have just read chapter one so far. What stood out to me was how relatable it is to 2015. It talks about the Israelites turning away from God and following their own passions, and lustful desires, turning their back on everything that God had done for them. I think it is so easy to get distracted in our relationship with God, we have to work, and we have friends, for some of us we are married. We get busy and we ignore and forget about our relationship with God. We don’t spend time praying, we don’t spend time reading the Bible. We lose fellowship with him because we get so caught up in our own worlds. We often spend more time love ourselves then loving and cultivating our relationship with God. I wish I could say that I have never lost my love for God that He is always at the forefront of my thoughts and actions but that is not the case. I am so glad that God is gracious to us and He understands that we need help that we cannot do this on our own. Make God my biggest passion is something that I have to do daily. I must commit with my whole heart. The way that works best for me (there are many different ways that works for others), is I wake up and I just start thanking God for giving me another day, thanking Him for my wife, my job, and everything that He has given me and I pray that I can keep him in the center of my day, that my thoughts and actions reflect Him and I keep my eyes on Him throughout the day. The days that I start off like that, I feel way more connected to God then the days that I don’t do that. I am excited to see what else I learn from the book of Isaiah.

What keeps you connected to God?

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