Championship Weekend

Tomorrow is a big day for football. As the participants in the super bowl will be determined, this week will bring us two great games. In the NFC the matchup is the Green Bay Packers vs Seattle Seahawks. It should be a very good game, The Packers have a very good offense, and the best of all teams during the regular season and Aaron Rodgers had an amazing game against the Cowboys last week. The Packers have great receivers who you can’t sleep on, plus they have a strong run with Eddie Lacy. They will encounter the toughest defense in the NFL. The Seahawks have come to life after limping their way to 6-4, their stout defense has returned to form. The offense has come back to live after being mediocre in the first half of the season. I believe that if any team has a chance of upsetting the Seahawks it is the Packers, with the different looks and packages that they can use. Even with writing that I think the Seahawks will come up with the victory it will be close I say that it will turn on a couple of turnovers that the Seahawks will be able to force. I think the final score will be Seahawks 24 Green Bay 21. Though my prediction last week was way off with the College Football Championship.

The AFC matchup looks on paper to be a mismatch with the Colts vs. Patriots. Andrew Luck in his young career is 0-3 against the Patriots. The Colts were crushed earlier this season by the Pats 42-20. The Colts look to be only the 11th team that was a wildcard playoff team to reach the Superbowl. The Colts will always have a chance in any game with Andrew Luck as the Qb. He put some good stats against the Pats when they played in November. Though if they want to have a puncher’s chance of beating the Pats they will need to be able to establish a run game. I think that the Colts X-factor will be Colby Fleener, if they are able to get the ball to him and allow him to get yards after the catch; it would do wonders for their offense. Two things that the Patriots have working in their favor: one Bill Belichick one of the greatest coaches in the history of the NFL, has been here many times before and knows how to prepare his teams for the big game. He is great at creating a specific game plan to beat his opponent. He always has a few wrinkles up his sleeve. The Patriots are very tough to beat at home in the playoffs with the “Hoodie” at the helm the Pats are 12-3. Tom Brady one of the greatest quarterbacks ever, will be a force to be reckoned with, especially with TE Rob Gronkowski as a great target that is hard to bring down. The Pats are able to make it with a mediocre run game because of Brady and his receivers. I think this game will be closer than people expect, but I still believe the Pats will end up on top by the score of 35-21.

Who do you think will win?

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