Waiting, sometimes it’s so hard to do. When you’re pursuing your dreams, you will have to wait. You’ll have to wait on that college to make up their mind, that job that would be a great stepping stone for your career to get back to you after you have interviewed. To pursue your dreams there will be a lot of hard work involved, but there will also be waiting involved as well. How are you going to handle the waiting?

I have to be honest, waiting is annoying. We live in this age of entitlement and many times we think we shouldn’t have to wait for anything. Waiting is important though, why? Because you learn a lot in the waiting. You find time to think about your next step, if you get that job, get into that college, get the girl, get the promotion. You will have to wait a few days to start or a summer. What to do in the waiting? Work, continue to invest in yourself. If it’s a new job take sometime to read up on your new company, what their values are, what their mission is. We can keep learning and working while we wait for that next door to open. I have been learning so much in my season of waiting. It’s hard to not get impatient waiting for your dream to take shape. I am going to keep working on myself and do what I can to pursue my dreams and when I have to wait. I will continue to learn.

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