Favorite Places: Kettle Coffee and Tea

Occasionally through the year, I will be highlighting a few of my favorite places to go and hang out. It might be a restaurant, park, and for sure will be a couple of the local coffee shops that I love to go and hang at here in San Diego.

Today I am going to start with my favorite coffee shop to spend time at. It is called Kettle Coffee and Tea. It has a great urban feel and look. It is located in downtown Escondido, which is where I grew up. Kettle has a very warm atmosphere. It has beautiful brick walls, it celebrates local artist by displaying their art. It just feels like home. It was home to me for much of the first few months of 2013 as I was searching for jobs. The staff there is very friendly, it is owned by a lady that I went to college with, what a small world. Tricia does a great job of running Kettle. It is thriving. My favorite drink at that time was called Blue Thunder, which is a specialty blend from Klatch Coffee, and wow did it pack a great punch and was delicious to boot. My go-to drink now is called the Guatemala Cafe Femenino. It is a medium roast that is rich and very tasteful. There are comfy couches and chairs. The Wi-Fi works very well there, something that most people really care about. Kettle has the kindest baristas you will ever meet, they are very helpful if you any questions about the coffee or teas that they serve. Kettle’s Kitchen is also produces some great food. My Favorite is their Turkey Panini; it really gives a grand delight to my taste buds.  They also have open mic night every Thursday. I have not worked up the courage to participate yet; maybe this will be the year for that! It is very cool to see all of the talent that Escondido has.

If you are ever in Escondido, California and want to grab coffee and a bite be sure to stop by Kettle Coffee and Tea, You won’t regret it.  Visit their website to find out more about them. http://kettlecoffeeandtea.com/

What are some your favorite places?

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