A Rare Gem part 1

Jed Morse, a millionaire business man. Had just heard about an incredible diamond, that would add more glory to his company and his pocketbook if he could get it. He was told of the rarest diamond he had ever heard of. Jim, his source in South Africa, called him to tell him about the powers of the diamond. “It is rumored to be able to bring someone back to life” Jim Stacks exclaimed. “How is that even possible?” Asked Jed. “It is mostly a South African legend, they speak of a rare gem that is almost completely purple and they say it has healing powers.” Jed was fascinated at the prospect of finding a diamond that could bring the dead back to life. He could visualize the money that he could demand for that diamond. He knew it would mean big money for him and his company. “Jim, I want this diamond. I must have it whatever it takes. I will give you 10% of the profit. Do whatever you need so you can procure that Diamond for me. “Will do.” Click, Jed hung up, he was so excited. He was all about money and power and couldn’t wait to get his hands on more.

Tony Ross, was sad. His life had not been the same the last six months. He was just going through the motions. Since his wife of 25 years Sandra had passed, he was barely functioning. He was practically on a first name basis with every fast food checkout employee in a 10 mile radius. He poured himself into his work, as him and Sandra both workaholics never slowed down enough to have children. His phone rang. It was Bandile, his best friend from college. Bandile now oversaw diamond extractions operations in South Africa. Bandile and Tony both went to NYU together, Bandile graduated with honors from the business management school; whereas, Tony studied law, and was a now a practicing lawyer at a prestigious New York Firm, Kline, Ross and Iver. “Bandi!, good to hear from you, how is the ivory coast treating you?” Always raining sun upon me, couldn’t be better. The real question though is how are you? I know it has been a real struggle for you and I worry for you.” “I’m ok” replied Tony. “Some days are better than others, most days are pretty miserable to be truthful.” Bandile could always smell a lie from a mile away, so Tony that it best to be honest. Bandile got down to business, “I have some news that I think would interest you about diamonds.” “Really, you gonna ship the next one you find over to me?” Joked Tony. “Haha, there’s that great sense of humor I have been missing over here. Bandile continued. “Well, I know your not one for legends or folklore, but I have recently heard about a diamond that people around these parts think have healing properties.” “What kind of healing properties?” Asked Tony skeptically. “This rare gem is said to be able to raise the dead!” Bandile exclaimed. “What did you say?” Tony asked, “raise the dead, there is no way that is possible. That is completely outlandish.” Tony was curious though. Could there be such a gem, would it be able to bring his only true love Sandra back to life. He was sure that there was no way that this diamond existed, that it was just a mere fairytale. “Do you want me to book you a plane ticket?” asked Bandile. “Yeah, right Bandi, there is no way that there is any truth to this myth. Besides I have too much work right now, I have been accepting cases left and right, because I have nothing better to do.” Tony said. “Tony, do you trust your best friend? I think you should come and check it out, I am going to start looking for this diamond for you.” Bandile sounded serious. “Bandi, don’t waste your precious time on this. This is a total hoax, garbage.” Tony said forcefully. “Too late Tony, I have already green lighted my guys to start looking for it.” Bandile laughed loud. “Your kidding me right?!” Tony was exasperated. He didn’t want to stir up any false hope. “I’ll call you once I find it” said Bandile. The conversation ended. Tony wondered what got his best friend to believe that such a diamond could exist. He laid in bed all night going through different scenarios in his head, where Bandi found the diamond for him and he was able to bring Sandra back to life. It all seemed too good to be true. 5 AM the alarm sounded, though Tony was already wide awake. What If? was the thought that kept repeating itself in Tony’s mind.

Underneath the earth, dirt was loosening, a purple diamond was on the move. The one fact that no one knew about this diamond is that it had a mind of its own…

Part 2 coming next Wednesday.

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