Vision and Dreams

Dreams are a good thing. They make us look forward, instead of behind. They make us work hard if it is a dream that we are truly passionate about. God has placed a dream on my heart and I am going to share it here.

One of the biggest dreams that God has given me has been to a church planter/lead pastor. It has been a dream that God showed me during the middle of a church planting seminar that my church at time signed up for by “mistake.” Ever since then I have been continuing to follow that path and I am so excited for when God is going to open that door. It hasn’t happened yet, but I know that everything that I have experienced and will experience up until that time is preparing me for that season. God has been teaching me so much lately. I have felt so free in the last few weeks. I know that God is shaping me up for great things. It is cool when you come to a place knowing that you are dependent on God. This has been a huge season of dependence for me, especially after my job loss. God has been blessing my wife and I, in many ways through this season though things have been hard, my faith has been made very strong. It is truly amazing how God can turn pain into blessings. I am excited to pursue my dreams and i know that these are not just my dreams these are dreams that God has given me of planting many churches that honor Him and training men and women to lead others to Christ. It is big vision, but those are the kinds of visions and dreams that God gives people. Huge dreams that cannot be completed without His help. This is one of those dreams and I am really looking forward to see how God brings everything to completion.

What are your dreams?

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