Scripture Sunday

Hey everyone. I hope you’ve had a great week. I have been fighting the flu the last three days, so I want to apologize in advance if this is not very deep.

As I mentioned last week I am going to be writing on the Scriptures I am reading at the time of writing. I am still in Revelation the last chapter that I read was chapter 17.

It starts off by describing a woman, who is called the great prostitute, she is sitting on many waters, showing her influence and power. She becomes drunk of the sexual immorality that she has committed with the kings of the earth.
Then an Angel carries John (the author of revelation) into the desert and what he sees is the woman sitting on top of a great beast, who is cursing God and shouting out blasphemous things against Him. In this scene she is also drunk with the blood of the saints who she has killed. John is baffled, I know I would be too. The angel describes what John is seeing the woman represents Babylon. The beast is coming to wage war against Jesus and all of his followers.
The world will marvel at the beast;because he will be killed and rise again. That is gonna draw a crowd of followers. There will be seven kings that give their authority over to the beast to wage war against Christ and all Christians. They wage war but they won’t win Christ conquers them in the fight. The waters represent people, tribes, nationalities, the nations that is the prostitute, the beast will hate the prostitute and go after her and devour her, rip her apart. Meaning many people will die at the hand of the beast, many nations will crumble because they follow their own sinful,stubborn hearts. What a sad picture that creates. People are pursuing their own passions and the vilest of desires and they will end up paying a big price. I am glad that God has grace for those who call upon His name, we don’t have to be apart of this, all we need to do is turn to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Jesus wins. He is the one that we should follow. We need to let go of our selfish desires and put God first, following him with all we have. He gave us everything and the greatest gift of all salvation, so that we can spend eternity in paradise and not in hell.

I am praying that I can share the gospel with many people, and bring them to heaven with me. God loves us all and I hope that you decide to follow Him. I did and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made. It’s good to be on the winning team. Team Jesus all the way.

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