Fresh Fuel

For this new year, I also want to discover new blogs. I love to read and I am constantly looking for new blogs or articles to read. I am going to list a couple of my favorite blogs that I enjoy reading. Also I have just joined the world of pinterest, those of you familiar with pinterest feel free to give me pointers.

Here are some of my favorite blogs to read and websites to go to.

  • Seth’s Blog is a great blog to check out if you are an entrepreneur or a creative or just need some good encouragement.
  • Jon Acuff is a dreamer, who has a passion for those ready to start something new. He is also one of the nicest guys that I have met. I have talked with him four times in real life at church conferences and he remembered me, which was really meaningful to me, because he knows so many people.
  • A website that I go to keep up with the younger generation that has been really interesting is
  • A blogger that I started following last year on WordPress named Jodie has been a great resource. She has a lot of knowledge about writing, and blogging, very easy to relate to. Check her out.
  • My wife, Sarah is also a blogger, she is currently working on her first novel. She is very talented and writes on different topics then I do. Give her a follow at
  • Last but not least in the slightest, I love to read my brother-in-law’s blog Adam Powell is very funny, very clever with his blog consisting of great short stories. Give him a read at

Now that I have shared what are some blogs that you recommend? Also feel free to leave a link to your own blog, I would love to start reading what you’re writing.


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