My Story

Hello there readers, It is so nice to be writing again consistently. I have decided to write a little bit about myself for those new followers I have on the blog.

I will start with a little back story. I was born in Guadalajara Mexico, I was adopted at birth by an American family. I have grown up and spent my whole life in San Diego. I am probably the whitest Mexican that you will ever meet. I have a great family who I love. A very beautiful and lovely wife, I have been married for 13 months and it has been the greatest. I love my wife, she is a wonderful writer, you should check out her blog.

When I was growing up I was born with a speech impediment, after two years of speech therapy I was able by the grace of God to overcome that impediment, if we had a face-to-face conversation, you would never know that I used to have one. I was also quite shy when I was growing up, hardly saying a word, I was observant and still am, but I have opened up a lot more. I have no idea what lead to that change, I think it is God honestly, it has been cool to see how i have transformed over the years and now I am according to the Myers-Briggs personality test 51% extroverted.

The two most life-shaping events of my life have been when I decided to follow Christ, the best decision that I have ever made. I am a pastor and I love it. The other life-shaping event for me was when my mom passed away suddenly 14 years ago. I just wrote about it last Saturday here is the link.

One other fact about me is that I love people, I love meeting new people and getting to know them, I love spending time with my friends. I wanted to share a little bit more about me, as I continue on this journey of blogging every day this year.

What’s your story?

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