One Last Time

I started a short story series last year. Today I have finally finished it. This is the last piece of this story, more stories will be coming, probably not weekly like last year, but there will be new stories. I will include the links to the rest of this story at the bottom.

William was bleeding profusely, He could barely move. Dan was still in shock and in pain from the torture that Stanley and company had put him through. Jack knew they had to leave now, otherwise none of them would survive. He and Chris were carrying William into the car.  Dan was already inside.

Suddenly, there was a screeching of wheels and black sedans crowding around their car. Jack quickly grabbed his phone, dialed 911 and let the police know that his former boss was a drug dealer and about to kill them. He knew it was the only way that he could possibly make it out of this with everyone alive.

Dino, got out of one of the sedans. Gun wielding. “Out of options now, Jack.” He said with malice in his voice. “You’re going down and all of these people who foolishly decided to help you will pay the ultimate price.” Jack was at a lost for words, He said, “Take me Dino, let the others live. They were just helping me out, don’t punish them.” “Too late,” Dino replied. He fired his gun at Jack, hitting him in the knee. Jack screamed in pain. Chris started the van and went straight for Dino. This caught Dino off-guard, Dino tried to get out-of-the-way but he was to slow, as the car crushed his right foot. With this distraction, Chris was able to pull up and grab Jack and help him inside the car. Dino’s henchmen started firing at them, after they saw Dino on the ground in pain, unable to move. Chris was ducking while driving and smashed through one of the sedans, so he could drive to the hospital. Jack in pain was returning fire, he nailed a couple of the henchmen. As they were pulling out, Jack saw a procession of police vehicles, He had Chris stop and tell them everything that happened. Two of the officers lead Chris and Jack, Dan, plus William to the hospital. The rest dealt with Dino and his henchmen. Arresting them and placing them in custody. Dino spilled the beans about his boss Kevin and all the drug dealing he was involved in to help reduce his sentence.

William, Dan, and Jack recovered fully from their injuries. Dan was very thankful that Jack came back to save him. Jack called Victoria and told her everything that had happened. Victoria was overwhelmed with all the news and was crying tears of joy that Jack and her brothers were safe. “Now there is no more threat of Kevin and his henchmen coming to get me. The police said that when I killed Stanley and Shades it was in self-defense.” Jack assured Victoria everything would be fine. He took her in his arms planted a big kiss on her forehead and said “I love you so.”

Here are the links to the other parts of this story.

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