Scripture Sunday

On Sundays this year, I will be doing short posts with verses that I have been reading that week. This week I have been reading through the book of Revelation, which happens to be my favorite book of the Bible because it is so mysterious. I was reading through chapter 11 where it describes the two witnesses that God is going to choose. It paints a crazy sci-fi picture; where people are being destroyed by the two witnesses when they try to hurt them. It is even crazier to read that the beast will come and kill them and the residents of earth will celebrate like it’s a birthday party, by sending others presents. And if that isn’t enough to get you to think. God raises them from the dead 3 and a half days later and then there is a huge earthquake.
I love the word of God and I am glad that my hope is in Jesus instead of the rulers of this world.

What scripture did you read today?

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