Blank Space

A blank space, nothing written yet. Nothing has happened yet. A year ahead with nothing done yet, nothing missed yet, no mistakes or missteps yet. A year ahead without any history, what history will I write in 2015. What will I do? It is one of the widest open years for me in recent history. This last year I lost my job, which is quite a long story in and of itself. On my current job search, I have put no barriers, meaning that nothing is off the table. A relocation can happen and I actually would not mind if it did. I have lived in California for my whole life and while I really enjoy California. I am ok with starting somewhere new with my wife.

I have planted many roots here in California and I am ready to plant new roots in a new city if that is what God wants us to do. It is going to be exciting, a little scary, a little nerve wrecking to see where God leads us but I am ready for the adventure. I am ready to shed off my old 2014 skin and wear my new 2015 skin. 2015. Hope, freedom, love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, gentleness, peace, is what I want to bring into 2015. I know God is going to do big things in 2015 for Sarah and myself. It will be a year of challenges and changes, yet I look forward to it. Leave the past bitterness of 2014 behind along with the good times that I experienced this year. Though I was broken, frayed, pushed to my outer limits of sanity in 2014. I am thankful for the lessons I learned, the love I felt, the friends and my loving wife and family who stood by my side.

I have a blank space, a clean page and a year that is full of possibilities. I am excited for 2015.

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