Short Story pt 10

The bullet flew right past Jack’s ear; he shouted, “Watch out.” Jack turned around gun drawn. He surveyed the scene, it was his worst nightmare imagined, coming to a horrible reality. He saw his former bosses Shades and Dino were fast approaching, their guns out. Dino shouted “It’s over now Jack, hope you have enjoyed your life for today it ends.” He pointed his gun right at Jack, who was standing about 25 feet away. Jack did not stand down; he drew his gun and pointed it at Dino. William pointed his gun at Shades, who returned the favor. In the corner of the warehouse room Chris was with Dan, who was starting to come to, he could not access his gun because he was still holding Dan.

Dino made a motion with his head towards William. William was taken off guard, as he did not see the motion. Shades fired the gun directly at William’s chest. Chris shouted “Move William,” watching everything unfold like slow motion in front of his eyes. William did not move fast enough as the bullet caught his right rib cage, he dropped his gun, which discharged and fired a stray bullet; he fell down screaming in pain. Chris had set Dan down on his back, grabbed his gun and fired it right at Shades, Shades fell over as the bullet hit him in the stomach, Chris was mad and fired off a couple of more shots and they found their target. Shades jerked a couple of times, his body outstretched his end had come. Dino seeing that he was now outnumbered ran for it, shouting while running “More men are on their way, you will outnumbered soon enough and all of you will die.”….

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